What is a Uniform?

A uniform? As in wearing the exact same thing every day? Nooooo, not like that at all! Well, unless you want to. A uniform is what you make of it. There is no right or wrong or one size fits all. It’s your personal uniform. You’ve probably been wearing one for years and didn’t realize it. It’s your go-to outfit formula. For me, it’s a pair of skinny jeans and a button-down blouse. I love me some skinny jeans and a cute blouse! I love the fit, the feel, the fact that I can dress this uniform up or down, and that I can easily switch it from one occasion to the next. For example, I can wear it at the park while hanging out with my kids and then heads to a nice dinner by grabbing a blazer and a swapping my shoes for a pair of heels or boots. Also, whenever I’m having a day where I just don’t feel like getting dressed or I just don’t feel much like putting an outfit together, a button-down blouse and a pair of skinny jeans are my go-to. So, a uniform is your go-to that you can always fall back on. You feel cute, comfortable, and confident in these pieces. 

How to Create a Uniform

Like I said, you probably already have one and just haven’t realized it. A good place to start is by taking note of your lifestyle and asking yourself a few questions:

1. What do I gravitate towards when shopping or picking out an outfit in my closet? A casual dress? T-shirt and jeans? Blouse and trousers? Whatever you naturally gravitate towards is most likely your go-to uniform.

2. What tops am I most drawn to? T-shirts?  Blouse? Bright colors? Neutrals? Loose fit? hugging?

3. What Bottoms do I like most? Skinny jeans? Boot cut? Trousers? Loose fit? hugging?

4. What’s my favorite kind of shoe? I personally love oxfords and flats equally. But, you may like, tennis shoes? Heels? Wedges?

5. What do I reach for first if I need outerwear? A sweater? A cardigan? A blazer?

I like for my uniform to be pretty general. That way it’s easy to switch it up from season to season AND from one occasion to the next.  So keep in mind uniforms change! Your uniform will not look exactly the same for every season.  For me, my skinny jeans pretty much go with me through every season but I will swap them out for a pair of shorts in the Spring and Summer. I go from skinny jeans and a blouse to shorts and a blouse. 

Uniform or No Uniform?

Let me start by saying, “It ain’t for everyone!” This may not be your thing. And, that’s totally okay. I love uniforms because they are simple (And, I LOVE simple), time-saving, and energy-saving (mentally). However, I know to others they can feel limiting, uncreative, and boring. Even if you want to create a capsule wardrobe you don’t HAVE to create a uniform. But, at least now you know if you ever want to how to go about doing so. Like I said above, there is no right or wrong or one size fit all to this. The point of a uniform is to always have something to fall back on. It helps to minimize stress on those days you just don’t know what to wear or just don’t feel much like putting any effort into an outfit. If creating a uniform makes you feel stressed, less creative, or anything negative then do whatever works best for you.

 But, if you do decide to give it a try, I’d love to hear how it worked or is working for you! 


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