Facial Soap Cleanser

I posted an oil-based face cleansing paste a while back and I know using an oil-based cleanser can be a bit scary for some so here is a simple facial soap cleanser. When I want to whip up a facial cleanser really quickly this is my go-to.

Facial Soap Cleanser


Soap Base *      1/4 cup
Liquid lecithin**  1/4 cup
Cider Vinegar    1 tablespoon
Essential oil***     10 drops


• Place all ingredients in a blender and blend well.
• Store in a small glass jar (or wash and reuse an old bottle from a previous face cleanser).
• Pour a small amount in your hand and massage into face.
• Rinse well

* If you are using liquid castile soap or a store bought facial cleanser as your soap base, add 1 cup of water to the above recipe.

** Lecithin is a substance naturally found in the tissues of the body. It’s made up of fatty acids and has a variety of commercial and medical uses. Liquid lecithin is an oil-like substance most commonly extracted from egg yolk, soybeans, and sunflowers used to preserve, emulsify (make water and oil combine), and moisturize. When used in skincare products it is used to soften, protect, moisturize, and lubricate the skin.

*** Use an essential oil that suits your skin type.

Essential oils for dry to normal skin:
Chamomile German
Bois de rose
Palma rosa

Essential oils for oily to normal skin:
Chamomile German
Palma Rosa

NOTE: I personally use Edens Garden Essential Oils and NOW Essential Oils. I have been using Edens Garden for about five years and I really love their oils. About a year ago I discovered NOW Oils at my local health food store and began purchasing their oils after doing a little research on the brand. I also use NOW because I prefer to shop locally before shopping online.  When I’m able to purchase a large number of oils I order through Edens Garden. I suggest checking out Edens Garden. Read through their FAQ’s, email, or call if you’d like more info. I personally love them because their oils are pure, high quality, and they are NOT an MLM company! SOLD!

Anywhoo, hope you give this Facial Soap Cleanser a try and if you do please let me know how it worked out for you in the comments!

One thought on “Facial Soap Cleanser

  1. Hey! It’s me, Shalieah! In my own comments 😂 Lame? Brave? 🤔 I’m going with brave! The only way to get a conversation going is to start one. Soooo, here I am.
    Did you try this recipe? Are you planning to? Don’t forget to let me know how it worked out for you. I really wanna know!


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