•Write a thank you letter to your body or your least favorite body part/s. Mail it to yourself.


• Write an Artists Prayer for yourself that you can pray often.

• If it weren’t too late, I’d… ( it REALLY too late?)

• List 10 things you enjoy doing. When was the last time you did those things. Place dates next to each entry. Put it on your calendar right NOW to do at least one of those things THIS week.

• Describe yourself as you would to a stranger.

• If you could do anything and succeed, what would you do? Why?

• If I would lighten up a bit, I’d let myself…

• If I could be generous with my creative self. I’d buy her…

• List five people you admire (or secretly admire). What traits do these people have that you can cultivate in yourself?

• My ideal morning routine is…

• My ideal bedtime routine is…

• My idea of a perfect day is…

• Describe 5 traits about your children self that you really like. Do you still have these traits? If not, why?

• If you could go on a date with your inner child, what would you do with her?

• List 5-10 things you would NEVER do that sound really fun.

• List 5-10 SILLY things you would like to try once.

•My favorite way to dress is… (and why?)

• Taking time out for myself is… (and why?)