Hi! I’m Shalieah 

 Hi! I’m Shalieah AKA Super Simple Shalieah. Wait, hold on a second. FYI, My name is pronounced Shŭ-LEE-ah. Not Shŭ-LIE-ah or Shŭ-LAY-ah or SHAY-LEE or SHAY-LEE-AH or SHE-lah or Julia. I know what you’re thinking. “Julia??” Yup, I’ve gotten that too. (Sorry, I just had to clear that up before we go any further. Okay, now back to telling you about me.) I’m a minimalist, visual storyteller, writer, licensed massage therapist, and self-care advocate. I currently live in Las Vegas, NV. with this handsome French guy I call my husband, our two kiddos, whom we homeschool, and our pet betta fish, Blueberry AKA Blue.

Here I share my love for simple living, self-care, motherhood, God, and laughter. Visual storytelling, creating videos, and writing are a few of the elements I use to do so.  This is also my outlet for my emotional, spiritual, and mental well-being.

Simple living plays a huge part in my self-care journey. It helps my day to day life function with less stress, enabling me to create more room for healing, and intentional living. My goal here is to share my simple living lifestyle, my healing journey, express myself artistically and creatively, and glorify God. While doing all of those things I hope to inspire, encourage, and help women to also create space for healing and designing lifestyles that enable them to live intentionally. I also hope to create lots of laughter in the midst of it all! For me, laughing is my medicine. And, who doesn’t love a good laugh, right!?

Anywhoo, thanks so much for stopping by! I hope what I write and the videos I create touch you in some way.

P.S. Before I began writing this page I started by making a list and hoping it would evolve into something, which it did. But, now I don’t know what to do with the list. So like a true lister who loves crossing things off, I’ve decided to share it with you instead of throwing it away. I call it: “Thing I Love and Enjoy”. Enjoy!

Jesus. Making list *wink*. Comedy. Laughing till my cheeks hurt and I can barely breathe. Summer! Lounging at the beach. Reading. Bible-based book studies. Writing. Journaling. Poetry. Acting. Dancing. Music! Storytelling. Art…in EVERY aspect of the word! Photography. Videography. My husband. Motherhood. Family. Friends. Cooking. Eating. Sipping tea…s l o w l y. Making coffee drink. Coffee shop-hopping. Short hair. Style. Interior design. Beauty. Love…it’s also my favorite word. Brights colors. Quality time. Instagram. YouTube. Learning. Education. Shcolé. Teaching. Sleeping in. Deep conversations. Thefreedictionary.com. Helping/serving/uplifting/empowering women. Wellness. Self-Care. Well-being. Pilates. Stretching. Meditation. Essential oils. My Vitamix blender. Los Angeles…I was born and raised there…it’s also an amazing city! Chillin’. Nature. Plants. Being outdoors. Water. My reusable water bottle. Traveling. Paris, France. The letter S. The number 7. The color blue. Modesty. Simplicity. Minimalism. Hugs. Sunflower seed. Saladitos!! Snacks. Snacks. More snacks.


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