I’m Shalieah “Shŭ-LEE-ah” AKA Super Simple Shalieah AKA Shalieah Totallieah – artist, storyteller, minimalist, licensed massage therapist, yoga teacher, mompreneur, and women’s self-care advocate based in Las Vegas.

Super Simple Shalieah was born in 2016 after learning the word “minimalist” in 2015. I have always been drawn to simplicity and lived in such a manner, but when I discovered minimalism I felt like I found a piece to my puzzle I didn’t realize was missing. Minimalism is a part of how I manage my mental health when it comes to overwhelm, stress, and anxiety. It has enabled me to create a simple and intentional lifestyle that makes day-to-day life function with less stress and better well-being.

Shalieah Totallieah was born in 2017 out of a desire to live life being my total self. I was tired of living with a mask on, tired of living in fear, and tired of being worried about what other people think of me. So, I created Shalieah Totallieah to represent freedom and courage to live life out loud…totally!

My life motto is: Keep it simple. Be intentional. Stay true. And, Be YOU…TOTALLY!

My goal here is to creatively express myself as I share my gifts, talents, stories, experiences, knowledge, and lifestyle.

My hope is to share content that will inspire, encourage, and help women to create space, and design lifestyles that enable them to habitually practice self-love, self-expression, and self-care.

I personally believe this can be achieved through SIMPLE, and INTENTIONAL living. Through my writings and videos, I share with you how I do it.

Anywhoo, thanks so much for taking the time to stop by and get to know a little bit about me! I hope what I write and the videos I create touch and help you in some way.

P.S. Before I began writing this page I started by making a list and hoping it would evolve into something, which it did. But, now I don’t know what to do with the list. So, like a true lister who loves crossing things off, I’ve decided to share it with you instead of throwing it away. I call it: “Things I Love and Enjoy”. Enjoy!

JESUS! Making list *wink*. Comedy. Laughing till my cheeks hurt and I can barely breathe. Summer! Lounging at the beach. Reading. Bible-based book studies. Writing. Journaling. Poetry. Acting. Dancing. Music! Storytelling. ART…in EVERY aspect of the word! Photography. Creativity. Creating videos. My husband. Motherhood. Family. Friends. My cat, Zeenah. Being a Virgo. Being a 4 on the Enneagram. Cooking. Eating. Sipping tea…s l o w l y. Being a barista (I worked as a supervisor and barista in coffee shop for 10 years). Coffee shop-hopping. Short hair. Natural hair. Locs. Two strand twist. BOX BRAIDS! My 4B/C hair. Style. Interior design. Capsule wardrobes! Beauty. Love…it’s also my favorite word. Bright colors. Quality time.  TikTok!! Instagram. YouTube. My facebook groups (mine be poppin!).  Learning. Education. Shcolé. Teaching. Homeschooling. Deep conversations. Helping/serving/uplifting/empowering/encouraging ALL women. Particularly black and brown women. Sisterhood. Community. Wellness. Self-Care. Self-Love. Self-Expression.  Well-being. Yoga. Meditation. Massage Therapy. My therapist…she’s amazing! Healing. Essential oils. THE HEALING ARTS. HOLISTIC LIVING. My Vitamix blender. Homemade. Handmade. Inglewood/ Los Angeles (where I was born and raised!). Chillin’. Nature. Hiking. Plants! Being outdoors. Lakes. The Ocean. Waterfalls. Sleeping in. My reusable water bottle. Low-waste living. Traveling. Paris, France. The letter S. The number 7. The color blue. Modesty. Simplicity. Intentional living. Hugs. Sunflower seed. Saladitos!! Snacks! Snacks! And, more snacks!


I’d love to stay in touch through social media, and if you’d like to do the same you can find me on Facebook, TikTok, Youtube, Instagram, Pinterest, and Spotify.



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