Okay, let’s get down to the basics. Wardrobe basics that is. These are clothing items within a wardrobe that never go out of style. When creating a capsule wardrobe basics are a MUST.  Aiming for pieces that are versatile, neutral and pair well with pretty much everything is key. Style, fit, and fabric are also key. I know basics within every wardrobe will look different, but here I share with you my list of pieces I “must have” within my wardrobe. Once you have your basics down you can then add more of your individual style into the mix. I like to add pops of color, bright nail polish, accessories, and trendy pieces I know I will change from season to season. So, really sit down and plan out your basics. Pinterest is a great place for this. You’ll find great visuals and you can create a board to save the things you’re drawn to. This will come in handy when you start shopping.  Also, when buying basic keep in mind you want these items to last as long as possible. So remember quality over quantity. Here is a great article on buying clothing that lasts. Below is my list of basics must-haves. These are what I refer to as the foundation of my wardrobe. They are essential. Once I lay the foundation it’s easy for me to build and rebuild my wardrobe with seasonal pieces. 

1. Skinny Jeans
I love me a pair of skinny jeans! I can wear these no matter what the season is. I like to have a pair of black, ripped black, dark wash, dark ripped wash, light wash, light ripped wash, white, and ripped white. 8 pair of jeans?? Yes, it a must in my wardrobe!

2. Soft Shorts
multicolor, black

3. Denim Shorts
dark wash, light wash, black

4. Little Black Dress
Duh, right? I like to have 3. A short sleeve, a sleeveless, and a long sleeve

5. Silk Button-Down Blouse
black and white

6. Plain T- Shirt
black, white, and grey

7. Long Sleeve Tee
black and striped

8. Leather Jacket
Black and Brown

9. Turtle Neck Sweater
Black and white

10. Denim Button-Up

11. Pencil skirt
Black and black and white striped 

12. Blazer
black, white

13. Striped Top
Black and white stripes

14. Tank Top
black, white, grey

15. Cardigan
Waterfall and button up

16. Sweater
Black, grey, and white

17. Camisole 
Off-white and black

18. Classic Trench Coat.

19. Long Peacoat
black and white

20. Denim Jacket


Shoe Basics

1. Black Ankle Boot

2. pointed Flats

3. Oxfords 

4. Tennis Shoe

5. Versatile Sandals

So that’s my basics list! This is the foundation of my wardrobe. From here I add all my colorful and trendy pieces.