An Artist’s Prayer

Dear Lord,
I come to you this day with a heart of thanks.
Thank you for this day, for another opportunity to create,
be creative, and be the artist you designed me to be.
Today, I ask that you would touch my heart and mind,
taking away all fear that stands in the way of me honoring
and worshiping you creatively, artistically, and authentically.
Help me to not look to the left or to the right and become bogged
down by other peoples expectations, opinions, and negative thoughts of me.
But, let my eyes look directly forward, and my gaze be straight before you.
Help me look solely to you as my source for approval.
And, give me the courage I need to be completely and totally me.
Help me to remember that my identity is rooted in you and you alone.
Help me not to get off course by comparing myself to others.
You have given me my own unique journey and path to walk.
Help me to walk that path purposefully, authentically, courageously, boldly, and obediently.
Help me to remember that I am just an instrument and your creativity flows through me.
Help me to remember you are enough.
Lord, I ask that you have your way with me artistically and creatively.
Help me to fully let go, fully trust you, and to fully get out of your way.
I trust you to lead me and I trust that it is safe to follow you.
I desire to heal, love and inspire through my art.
I ask that you would bless my work and humble me as I do it.
I pray that you are seen through my work and that it is a blessing to those who come into contact with it.
Lord, thank you for art. Thank you for creativity. Thank you for beauty.
Thank you for my gifts. Thank you for my talents. Thank you for my skills.
Thank you for enabling me. And, thank you for allowing me.
May everything I do artistically and creatively be an act of worship to you always.
I pray and ask all this in Jesus’ name.



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